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Mike McFadzen
Mike McFadzen
Mike has been involved in recreational and natural resource issues for over 20 years. Currently, Mike is the FWSP Policy chairperson which follows legislative and other issues that affect state parks, trails, and other state properties. Mike is also the “Sounding the Alarm” columnist for Midwest Silent Sports and editor of Pro-Resource Alert, an online webzine.
Mike is President of the Friends of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and a member of the State Stewardship Council which provides input on the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship program. Mike served on the State Trails Council where he was chairman for 4 years and held other officer positions. Mike is a founding member and officer of the Wisconsin Nordic Network (WINN). WINN represents cross-country skiing and ski clubs across Wisconsin. He has authored numerous articles on natural resources, recreation, and travel.
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Randall Paske

Randall has been visiting and camping in Wisconsin State Parks since the age of 11. Paske has tented, camped in a pop-up camper, and a 27-foot travel trailer.  He has also backpacked in the lower part of the Ice Age Trail and traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, and Alaska. Randall was a sixth-grade teacher in Wisconsin from 1968, until he retired in 2002. 
He was born and raised in the south-central area of the state and then went on to live and work in the urban southeastern part of Wisconsin. He and his wife are enjoying the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Prairie du Chien where they now live. 
Randall and his wife have served as Camp hosts at Wyalusing State Park from 2002 -2009. They have also been camp hosts at other Wisconsin State Parks and state parks in Michigan. 
They have been members of the Friends of Wyalusing State Park since 1959, and Randall is the vice president, treasurer of the group. He also has managed the concession stand at Wyalusing State Park and enjoys visiting with other campers and park visitors
He is the author of the Friends of Wyalusing Blog which contains over 110 entries and over 500 photographs of the park. This site has videos of events that he created, trail videos and virtual tours of the park. He also is involved in promoting Facebook and Twitter. Randall attended the FWSP workshops. His photographs have won the Annual Awards. He is a past recipient of Volunteer of the year. Randy has also presented at The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Annual meetings.
 He is the current chair for the FWSP Outreach Committee. 
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 Maureen Potter 
Maureen Potter

Maureen Potter has been involved as a volunteer in the Wisconsin State Parks system for several years and currently serves as President of the Bong Naturalist Association at Richard Bong State Recreation Area. She is an avid hiker and camper and has experienced over half of Wisconsin’s
state parks in this capacity. Maureen is a Wisconsin Master Naturalist and has taken several continuing education courses throughout the state on various topics.
Maureen joined the FWSP Board of Directors in January 2020 and is on the FWSP Membership and Services Committee.

  Jonathan Ringdahl
  Jonathan Ringdahl,
Jonathan Ringdahl developed a deep passion for state parks as a kid with trips to Perrot State Park and Wyalusing State Park. Jonathan got involved with the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks after completing his 2012 goal of visiting every Wisconsin state park, forest, and recreation area in one year. At the time, the system contained 65 properties. There are 73 properties now. He joined the board in 2015. He serves on the outreach committee and assists in fundraising.
Jonathan works with kids with autism and is a certified kayak instructor in La Crosse. He is also a photographer who has won several state park photography contests including back-to-back years in the FWSP calendar before joining the board. Jonathan also likes to backpack, kayak camp, and geocache in the parks. He is also a Wisconsin master naturalist. You can frequently find him roaming or camping in the parks. You can follow his adventures at Wisconsin State Park Adventures on Facebook and @livingthedreamadventures on Instagram. He also welcomes email contact at

Waldo Peterson
Waldo Peterson
Growing up on the far Southside of Chicago, the only thing better than Christmas was climbing into the back seat of my Grandpa’s 1928 LaSalle and driving 6 to 7 hours at 50mph to go to our summer cottage on Mirror Lake near Wisconsin Dells.
After graduating from the University of Illinois I was commissioned a 2nd Lt in the US Army and spent the next 22 years on active duty, and as a reserve Officer flying helicopters, retiring as a Lt Colonel. To earn a living I found my calling and spent 50 years as a life insurance agent, moving to Madison in 1964 to open my own Agency.
In 1966 Mirror Lake State Park opened for business and every so often I would volunteer to help out. In 1996 only 10-15 of our State Parks had a local Friends group. Sue Black, the State Park Bureau Chief thought every state park would benefit by having a Friends group and charged each State Park Superintendent to organize one. I was the President of the Mirror Lake Association at the time, and Jerry Trumm the Park Superintendent at Mirror Lake asked if I would help him to organize one. That we did and it was the beginning of my love affair with Wisconsin’s beautiful State Parks and Trails. One thing lead to another and soon Sue had me on the Governor’s State Park Centennial Commission and in 1998, I received the Dept. of Natural Resources Special Appreciation Award. Now I was hooked, and in 2002 I was elected to the board of the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks.
Serving on the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Board has enabled me to visit so many of our wonderful parks and more importantly to meet the people behind them that make the Parks so special. It is easy to take our Parks for granted, but we cannot. Infrastructure needs constant upgrading or replacement, personnel issues need to be continually addressed. If we are to fulfill our mission of Preserving, Protecting, and Promoting the Parks and Trails, we must continue to advocate for the Parks with our Legislators, our Governor, and the DNR.
So here we are 25 years later, I am now the Chairmen of the Mirror Lake Management District, the longest-serving member on the FWSP board and still enthused for what the future holds for FWSP, our Lakes, and our State Parks, Forests, Trails, and Recreational areas. (Video)

Jerry Leiterman
Jerry joined the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) Board of Directors in November 2017. He grew up in a small rural community outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. As a teenager, he was introduced to natural resources and outdoor recreation through scouting and visiting state parks which influenced him to pursue a career in park and recreation administration and resource management. Recently retired, Jerry worked for more than 36 years for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at numerous state parks and forests in frontline and management positions ending his career as the Northeast District Parks, Forests, and Trails Supervisor. As a board member of FWSP, Jerry will advocate for the Wisconsin State Park System to continue to provide meaningful outdoor recreation experiences for individuals, families, and groups at affordable prices. He values providing opportunities for a wide range of recreational pursuits on public lands using a balanced approach to minimize user conflicts and to protect our natural resources for present and future generations.
Jerry and his wife, Sharon, live in Mercer, Wisconsin, and have two grown sons. In retirement, he enjoys biking, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, hunting, traveling, and the on-going training of their two golden retrievers. He is on the Board of Directors for the Mercer Cross-Country Skiing Association and a volunteer for Historicorp, a non-profit organization that partners with state and federal agencies to preserve historical structures on public lands. Jerry can be contacted at

Will Miller

Will is happiest when he is outside, and preferably in the woods on a bicycle. The state parks of Wisconsin are the perfect setting to enjoy some of Will’s favorite activities, some of which include hiking the start of the Ice Age Trail at Potawatomi, mountain biking the Full Monty at the Southern Kettles, winter fat biking the Greenbush trails in the Northern Kettles, and walking the dunes at Kohler-Andrae and then falling asleep to the sound of both a mature forest and the lake.

The state parks were always an accessible place for Will, but it was not until living out of state, traveling around the country, and visiting numerous national parks and forests that Will realized just how special the state parks of Wisconsin are. Now, the previously mentioned activities are amplified when Will gets to enjoy them with his

wife, son, and dog Jack.

Will joined the FWSP Board to help promote and enhance the resources he has been able to enjoy and to ensure they are available to many others and future generations

Chrissy Oelke

Born and raised in Beaver Dam, Chrissy’s early childhood memories of enjoying nature were parking alongside Highway 49 on the north-side of Horicon Marsh to watch the great Canada Goose migration. Who knew years later a career in banking would be the driving force in her passion for capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Horicon Bank, where Chrissy has spent her entire career, is a bank vested in its communities and customers and is closely branded with Horicon Marsh.  

Through community involvement, she was introduced to the Friends of Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center. 

Chrissy developed a passion for volunteerism and a deep appreciation for the natural wonder right in her backyard. Being in such close proximity to home and work, she’s known to take strolls at the Marsh to soak in its grand splendor and maybe take a picture or two (or twelve) capturing moments big and small. She continues to volunteer her time and talents with the Friends of Horicon Marsh serving the Board of Directors, wrapping up a

long tenure Presidency at the end of 2021.

Joining the FWSP board in early 2021, Chrissy is serving on the Membership and Services Committee and looks forward to meeting and connecting with more Friends organizations. Chrissy continues to reside in Beaver Dam with her husband and teenage son. She is most excited to expand her and her family’s horizons by getting out to experience more parks and wildlife areas all around our beautiful State.