Board of Directors

Jon Beadell
Jon has enjoyed the out-of-doors all of his life. As a kid, Jon grew up playing in Peninsula and Newport State Parks. Later, as a biologist working on human and wildlife disease epidemiology, he conducted extensive fieldwork in natural areas across the globe, while simultaneously indulging in a severe bird-watching habit. Jon is currently an analyst and portfolio manager at A. D. Beadell Investment Counsel in Mequon. He looks forward to helping FWSP achieve greater financial sustainability and working to ensure that Wisconsin’s natural treasures remain protected and accessible in perpetuity.

Will Miller

Will is happiest when he is outside, preferably in the woods on a bicycle. The state parks of Wisconsin are the perfect setting to enjoy some of Will’s favorite activities, some of which include hiking the start of the Ice Age Trail at Potawatomi, mountain biking the Full Monty at the Southern Kettles, winter fat biking the Greenbush trails in the Northern Kettles, and walking the dunes at Kohler-Andrae and then falling asleep to the sound of both a mature forest and the lake.

The state parks were always an accessible place for Will, but it was not until living out of state, traveling around the country, and visiting numerous national parks and forests that Will realized just how special the state parks of Wisconsin are. Now, the previously mentioned activities are amplified when Will gets to enjoy them with his

wife, son, and dog Jack.

Will joined the FWSP Board to help promote and enhance the resources he has been able to enjoy and to ensure they are available to many others and future generations

Linda Guelig

Linda Guelig
Linda Guelig joined the Friends Board in 2023. She comes to the board with a notable background in Wisconsin State Parks. In 2000, Linda was hired as the Visitor Services - Lead Worker at the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Northern Unit. 
She transferred to High Cliff State Park in 2007, where she was eventually promoted to Park Manager, then Park Superintendent. She retired from Wisconsin State Parks in 2018. She now lives in Redgranite, Wisconsin, and winters in Arizona.
Linda has visited almost every Wisconsin State Park. She hikes, bikes, paddles, and camps.
 Linda grew up and subsequently raised three children with the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Northern
Unit in their backyard. She now has six grandchildren that are learning to love the outdoors as much as she does. Linda never misses an opportunity to share her knowledge of Wisconsin State Parks and Trails with the people she meets. As a board member, Linda believes she plays an important role in ensuring Wisconsin State Parks are around for future generations to enjoy.

Bill Pennoyer

I am a retired architect and project manager who splits his time between Fish Creek and Madison. Our family camped almost every summer at various Wisconsin state parks when I was growing up. After college, a large group of over 20 friends would camp every year at the group campsites at several state parks. 
We purchased a second home across the street from Peninsula State Park in 2009. I always had a special fondness for Peninsula State Park. We took our daughters camping at Peninsula every summer and camped with other friends and their families when our daughters were growing up. 
I became a member of the Friends of Peninsula State Park Board in 2021 after volunteering design and construction managing services for projects in the park. While in Fish Creek rarely does a day go by that I am not trail running, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in Peninsula, Whitefish Dunes, Newport, Rock Island, or Potawatomi State Park. 
Our Madison location is great for day trips to Governor Dodge, Devil’s Lake, Mirror Lake, Blue Mound, Lake Kegonsa, Governor Nelson, and Tower Hill State Park.
Being an avid user of our parks and trails for various nonmotorized recreational opportunities I became a member of the Nonmotorized Recreational and Transportation Trails Council in 2019.
I have a strong commitment to give back to the places that have been and continue to be such a large part of my enjoyment of the outdoors and outdoor recreation. 
I believe our state parks are underfunded and that the dedication of the Friends groups plays a vital role in filling the gaps to preserve and enhance the quality of our parks.

Cindy Cseri (1/21/2023)

Cindy began her adventures in the great outdoors at an early age, 5. Her family were avid campers who enjoyed many of the state parks of Wisconsin during her childhood. Her family so enjoyed the camping experience they bought a campground, which they owned and operated for 29 years. During those years, Cindy learned about the day-to-day operations of a campground as well as providing outstanding customer service.

Cindy’s full-time career included 13 years of managing residence halls on college campuses, managing a private campground, and 23 years managing staff in distribution centers. Cindy is now retired and will begin traveling to see what she missed in the first go-round adventures.

Cindy’s passion for the outdoors has taken her to 48 of the 50 states and provided her with many opportunities for hiking, kayaking, skiing, and photography. All of these experiences have bolstered her passion for ensuring parks are preserved, protected, and enhanced for future generations.

In 2008 Cindy joined the Friends of Mirror Lake State Park group and since that time, she has been the vice president, president, and secretary. The last 15 years have provided endless opportunities to work with volunteers and park staff to enhance and improve the park facilities at Mirror Lake and to assist with providing great interpretative programs. In 2019, Cindy became a part-time naturalist, which offered the experience of day-to-day interactions with visitors. An excellent opportunity to educate them on the wonders of nature and how they can be good stewards of our natural resources.

Cindy has joined the FWSP board to ensure the Wisconsin State Parks are able to provide outstanding experiences and interpretation for visitors, and outstanding facilities, and to protect the natural resources for future generations.

Cliff Wall (1/21/2023)
Cliff Wall
Cliff Wall is a retired businessman with a passion for preserving public recreational spaces and protecting the water supply of the Great Lakes. Cliff recently sold and retired from his family's automotive dealership, where he developed a deep interest in automobiles and family history. He is also an active member of Friends of the Fox River Trail, the Brown County Historical Society, and the Baird Creek Parkway. Currently, Cliff serves as a board member at Heritage Hill State Historical Park and dedicates his time to removing invasive species such as buckthorn and honeysuckle. Cliff's interests in photography and preserving public recreational spaces have led him to be particularly concerned about the future assault on the water supply of the Great Lakes.