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Individual/Family and Group Membership

Individual Membership (Calendar Year) $25.00

Family Membership (Calendar Year)  $35.00 

Friend's Group Membership/Renewal

Since its inception in 1996, the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks has worked with state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas Friends Groups to improve state lands experience for the millions of people who visit each year and to ensure that millions more will be able to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural beauty in the future.

Your Individual or Family membership continues to help:
  • Strengthen Partnerships: Enhances the collaboration between Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), ensuring effective resource sharing and joint initiatives to benefit state parks and recreation areas.
  • Support Local Groups: Deepens relationships and increases the effectiveness of local Friends groups through educational programs, technical assistance, and funding opportunities, enhancing their capacity to manage and improve park facilities and programs.
  • Financial Sustainability: Develop sustainable funding sources to ensure the financial health of FWSP, enabling it to continue its mission and expand its impact across Wisconsin's parks and natural areas.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Increases public awareness and engagement in preserving and enhancing state parks through advocacy, educational outreach, and community involvement.
  • Operational Excellence: Improves the operational capabilities and organizational efficiency of FWSP, ensuring it remains a strong and effective leader in the stewardship of Wisconsin's natural resources.

Corporate Sponsor/Memberships

Contact Information
Patricia Loosen
Executive Director of Wisconsin State Parks
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
23 S. Main St. Suite O
Hartford, WI 53027
(608) 264-8994

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