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About FWSP

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) has a notable history that spans over two decades, with significant contributions to the preservation and enhancement of Wisconsin's natural resources. Here are the key historical points:

  • Establishment: FWSP was established in August 1996 as a statewide non-profit organization with the mission to preserve, protect, promote, and enhance Wisconsin's state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas.
  • Growth: From its inception with just a few volunteer groups, FWSP has expanded to include over 80 local Friends groups, representing over 5000 individuals across Wisconsin, encompassing not only parks but also forests, trails, state wildlife areas, natural areas, and education centers.
  • Volunteerism: Through its local Friends groups, contributing to the maintenance and enhancement of state properties, volunteers engage in a variety of activities, including annual park cleanups, trail work days, and special events like candlelight nights and community campfires
  • Financial Support: FWSP has provided significant financial contributions to the state parks system, including funding for project requests, naturalist programs, and the purchase of accessible equipment to improve visitor experiences.
  • Advocacy and Education: The organization has been active in educating lawmakers and citizens on issues impacting state parks and advocating for necessary funding and policies to support these natural treasures.
  • Recognition and Awards: FWSP recognizes the efforts of outstanding Friends members, state park system staff, and community partners through various awards and contests, such as the annual FWSP photo contest, which encourages community involvement and promotes the state park system
  • Strategic Partnerships: FWSP works closely with the DNR and other partners to achieve its mission, providing technical support to local Friends groups, sponsoring statewide events, and offering grant opportunities to enhance the state park system.
  • Public Engagement: The 2024 Adventure Challenge offers a range of activities within Wisconsin's scenic state parks, designed to strengthen family ties, enhance teamwork, and create unforgettable memories for participants of all ages, including children, families, adults, and small business teams seeking a unique team-building experience.
Throughout its history, FWSP has been dedicated to preserving, protecting, promoting, and enhancing Wisconsin's state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas. The organization continues to support the state's natural resources through volunteerism, financial support, advocacy, and community engagement, ensuring that future generations can enjoy these natural treasures