About FWSP

The Friends of Wisconsin State Park's mission is:
Preserving, Promoting, Protecting, and Enhancing Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas. 

Wisconsin’s parks system boasts 50 state parks and 39 state trails, plus additional properties such as eight southern forests, that provide recreational opportunities such as hiking, camping, swimming, and cycling. Friends of Wisconsin State Parks supports the work of 89 local Friends chapters around the state representing over 3750 individual members and the work that they do at the park, forest, trail, or recreation areas that they are associated with.

Our organization is made up of volunteers and people like you who have a love of our state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas and a desire to support their recreational, environmental, and economic value. Members of our organization promote the mission of the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks to preserve and protect our parks’ natural resources and to provide recreational opportunities for all. 

The FWSP and the local groups encompass 2,064 volunteers who have volunteered over 21,348 hours in 2021, to work on projects and events at the state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas around the state that enhance the property and provide enjoyment for the many visitors each year. Our friends work to protect our natural resources and preserve Wisconsin's unique natural treasures for future generations.
 In addition, FWSP carries out its mission through these examples:

FWSP sponsors the annual Work*Play*Earth Day projects around the state in April each year — volunteers and Friends members complete projects and clean up at state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas.

FWSP advocates on state park system issues in an effort to protect Wisconsin’s beautiful state park, forest, trail, and recreation area properties. FWSP also hosts Friends Summit meetings around the state so that local Friends chapters are informed and supported in their local area.

FWSP funds projects and issues grants to local Friends chapters for educational programs and interpretive projects around the state at parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas for visitors to enjoy. FWSP hosts an annual Photo contest to promote recreation at state park system properties.

FWSP funds Tree and Flower projects at park offices and high-visibility areas for the enjoyment of park visitors around the state. Friends chapters also use grant funding for projects that enhance parks, forests, and trails.