FWSP Fundraising Campaign

FWSP depends on the generosity of donors for the funds required to carry out its mission of preserving,  protecting, promoting, and enhancing Wisconsin state  parks, trails, forests and  recreation areas.
 ln collaboration with over  80 local Friend's chapters,  we seek to enrich the park experience for the millions of people who visit each year and to ensure that millions more will be able to enjoy Wisconsin's natural treasures in the future.
Each year, FWSP sponsors Work*Play*Earth  Day events across the park system that draw hundreds of volunteers who remove invasive species, clean up campgrounds, plant trees,  build benches and help with other essential projects.
We also educate lawmakers and citizens on issues that impact their parks. And each year, we support local  Friends groups by providing funds for education-related activities such as hiring park naturalists, developing interpretive exhibits, hosting wildlife demonstrations and outdoor skill training sessions, and improving key infrastructure in our parks.
We are continually seeking to grow our capacity to positively impact  Wisconsin parks. if you or your business would be interested in partnering with  FWSP, please contact us.   
We would happily accept donations in the form of appreciated stocks
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is pleased to offer the following options to make a contribution:

Option 1:
Mail cash or check directly to Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks kindly requests that donations are sent to the following address. Send to:
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
P.O. Box 2271
Madison, WI 53701

Print a Form,  complete it, and mail along with a check.
Click on this (Link) to download and print a PDF.

Option 3:
I would like to make a donation for projects that will enhance the Wisconsin state park and trail experience for visitors and campers to enjoy,  like, campground fire rings, playgrounds, and building improvements)
A one-time donation using Your Credit Card via Paypal

Donation Amounts

Option 4: Automatic Monthly Donation for one year.


Option 5: Appreciated Stocks
Email or call
Patricia Loosen
Executive Director FWSP
Mail Inquiry to:
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
P.O. Box 2271
Madison, WI 53701

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks(FWSP) fundraising campaign will seek to increase the support that FWSP can provide in order to preserve, promote, protect and enhance Wisconsin’s beautiful state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas.
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks have been providing project grants to local park property Friends groups for 10 years, in order to provide a better experience for state park and trail visitors around the state.
FWSP is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization and we have set out to broaden what we do and increase our impact around the state.
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks fund educational programs throughout the park season, provide funding for workshops, the planting of trees and flowers at parks and trails, and projects that will enhance the Wisconsin state park and trail experience for visitors and campers to enjoy: campground fire rings, playgrounds, and building improvements.  FWSP is looking forward to expanding programs that bring children to state parks and trails to learn and experience nature.
The organization’s mission and values have defined FWSP for two decades, and the tax-deductible donations of the public and state park visitors and supporters of this fundraising effort will help ensure that FWSP will continue to meet its challenges and commitments in order to keep state parks vibrant and to allow for park and trail users enjoyment. The FWSP fundraising campaign will sustain our commitment to outdoor education and nature program excellence and will advance our position as a steward of funds to enhance, educate, and promote the beautiful Wisconsin state park properties. This campaign is about supporting the Wisconsin state parks that we love and for the people who come to the Wisconsin state parks, the experiences that they have here, and the memories that they leave with.