Board of Directors - Committees 2022

Executive Committee: 
Members have many oversight duties. They are responsible for overseeing the daily implementation of board policies and making sure that the board is establishing and maintaining good governance practices
  • Chrissy Oelke –President
  • Randall Paske - Vice President
  • Jan Primus -Treasurer
  • Jerry Leiterman -Secretary
    Policy Committee
    Members play an invaluable role in this process by building relationships with Wisconsin legislators and local leaders throughout Wisconsin and lending an effective voice in public policy that impacts FWSP's mission.
    • Chair - Vacant
    • Jerry Leiterman
    • Bill Pennoyer
    Membership Services and Awards Committee:
    Members ensure that nominations for FWSP contests meet all criteria and communicate with contestants. Members determine prospective board nominees’ areas of expertise and make recommendations for membership of the board. 
    • Vacant (Chair)
    • Jan Primus
    • Linda Guelig
    • Chrissy Oelke
    Finance Committee: 
    Members provide financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the FWSP budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the FWSP is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to advance our mission.
    • Jan Primus (Chair)
    • Jon Beadell
    • Waldo Peterson
    • Will Miller
    Fund Development and Endowment Sub-Committee
    Members manage and monitor FWSP fundraising efforts throughout Wisconsin
    • Jon Beadell
    • Waldo Peterson
    • Jan Primus
    • Jonathan Ringdahl
    Board Development Committee:
    Members provide an appropriate structure for accomplishing specific tasks within the FWSP Committee structure. Members also identify, recruit and nominate new board directors
    • Jerry Leiterman (Chair)
    • Waldo Peterson
    Outreach Committee: 
    Members develop and coordinate marketing and activities which promote the mission of FWSP.
    • Randall Paske (Chair)
    • Jonathan Ringdahl
    Special Committee – Wisconsin Friends Challenge 2022:
    • Randy Paske
    • Jan Primus
    • Jonathan Ringdahl
    • Michael McFadzen
    • Cindy Cseri (Mirror Lake)