Annual Reports

2018 FWSP Board and organization Annual Report
  • - FWSP continued to collaborate with the DNR Parks bureau on key projects.
  • - FWSP board continued to move forward with the FWSP Strategic Plan and the Fund Raising Plan, and the FWSP Committees continued to work on all aspects of the plan.
  • - FWSP sponsored the annual Work*Play*Earth Day at 32 state park system properties around the state and provided appreciation items for 1000 volunteers.
  • - FWSP supported the 2018 WI Park System Volunteer Jamboree by funding activities and participating in the event in September 2018.
  • - FWSP hosted 12 Workshop Sessions for 80 local Friends groups to attend which provided resources, education, and networking on a variety of topics that were requested by the groups.
  • - The 2018 Photo Contest, 2019 state parks calendar winners, 2018 Gold Seal, and Hero contests, and Presidents Award were presented at the Annual FWSP Awards Banquet and Friends celebration on November 10,2019 in Madison.
  • - FWSP Awarded 34 Incentive Grants to local Friends groups for Naturalist and Interpretive projects totaling $25,000 in grant funds
  • - FWSP awarded 19 Trees and Flowers grants around the state for planting in high visibility areas as state parks, forests and recreation areas totaling $1,900 in grant funds
  • - FWSP advocated for state park system issues and helps to provide information to state legislators on key state park items.
  • - FWSP Exec. Committee members participated in meetings for the DNR regarding the alignment, DNR/FWSP projects, OutWIGo events and park system events around the state.
  • - FWSP provided a host of information to the public, local friends groups, park visitors and partners on their website, thru social media, quarterly newsletters and thru enews. FWSP continues to offer state park sticker and state trail pass packages in their online store for the convenience of WI state park system users.