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FWSP Boosts Access to State Parks with $10,000 Library Program Donation

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) has shown their commitment to promoting outdoor recreation and access to state parks with a recent donation o
f $10,000 to a new program that allows residents to check out a state park at their local Wisconsin library.

Starting this spring, over 75 libraries across the state will participate in the program, offering visitors the chance to experience Wisconsin's natural beauty and state parks. The program works by allowing library patrons to check out a day-use pass for a state park, just like they would a book.

According to FWSP Executive Director, Patricia Loosen, "We are thrilled to support this innovative program that makes it easier for families and individuals to enjoy our beautiful state parks. By bringing the parks to local libraries, we hope to inspire more people to get outside, connect with nature, and explore the beauty of Wisconsin."

The new program is a collaboration between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Wisconsin Library Association, and local libraries. The FWSP's generous donation will go toward purchasing the necessary equipment and materials, such as park passes and informational brochures, to make the program a success.

This is just the latest effort by the FWSP to support and enhance the Wisconsin state park system. The organization's mission is to promote and preserve state parks and to ensure they remain accessible and affordable for future generations.

So mark your calendars, Wisconsin residents! Get ready to check out a state park at your local library and experience all that Wisconsin has to offer.