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Notes from a Past FWSP Board Member

by Maureen Potter

After living the past two decades in Wisconsin, where I enjoyed and volunteered for the Wisconsin State Parks, I’m now traveling the country full-time in an RV, discovering the amazing beauty of our nation’s countless wild places. While each of my stops is entirely unique, I have noticed some universal truths. From Maine to South Dakota to Oregon, park employees, volunteers, and visitors have shared stories with me of their love for the land. Natural areas across the nation are part of their childhood memories, and they delight in sharing those same places with their children and grandchildren. And as I travel from city to city, it’s clear to see which natural areas are appreciated by the communities surrounding them, because they’re clean, safe, protected, full of native plants and animals, and enjoyed by many people. Unfortunately, there are also some areas that, having been abused or neglected, struggle against continuing decline and really need help. To this end, I can’t stress enough how important it is to seek out and support whatever natural areas are near where you live. Can you volunteer your time, even once a year, or make a donation? Anything you can do to support your ‘little corner of the world really does make a difference. So, how do I like being a traveling adventurer? I love it! Every week I have new environments to hike, new trails to bike, new rivers to paddle, and so much to learn. Our country is breathtaking, astounding, awe-inspiring, and undoubtedly a lot more adjectives than I even know. But you don’t need to live a life like mine to have incredible adventures. Wisconsin is home to gorgeous state parks, trails, waterways, and so many special places that can be enjoyed year-round - with a wonderful diversity that makes the state truly unique. Make a plan to discover a new natural area near you this week and start creating some memories of your own. Discover it, enjoy it, cherish it.

~Maureen Potter

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks, former board member