WI Go Camping Show #4

"Each show just keeps getting better and better!" said Jan. WI (We) have to agree!

Show number four is sure to be a winner. Not only will it feature a live premiere where the viewers can interact with our experts, but the show also has an amazing lineup of clips and fun stuff.

Think Fall! My favorite season. The show has a "Fall feeling" to it.

The show is not only for adults and kids at heart. We will tie in virtual education for those virtual schoolers. Online quizzes and educational guides for virtual classes based on grades 4-7 will be highlighted.

For those impatient souls, the show will be a bit shorter - approximately 30 minutes.

Show number four will debut sometime during the week of September 20th. Be sure to go to our YouTube page and click the Subscribe button followed by the bell. We will also let everyone know on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook.

And, lastly, wi really do appreciate all of our viewers. The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is proud of this outreach program and look forward to its growth. Wi GO Camping is not only for adults, but it's also for kids, families, and all kids young at heart,

All of the WI GO Camping shows and segments are found on our YouTube Channel.

YouTube has stopped emailing notices for new videos! I know, a sad thing! Fear not, though. Be sure to Like our Facebook Page we will let you know when the show is ready to go!!

You won't want to miss any of the action.

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