Wisconsin Friends Explore

 "Everyone needs a friend..."
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is transitioning WI-GO Camping to Wisconsin Friends Explore. During March of 2020, the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks premiered WI Go Camping. Beth Goeppinger was the park naturalist for Bong Recreation Area and the driving force for WI GO Camping. Beth contacted members of the FWSP Board and the Outreach Committee. Together, through many online meetings, WI GO Camping came about.

The mission of Wisconsin Friends Explore is to present the natural wonders of Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and natural areas through short videos mostly created by Wisconsin Master Naturalists and guest presenters.

Jonathan Ringdahl, a member of the FWSP outreach committee, is the emcee for Wisconsin Friends Explore. The show is written, planned, and directed by a planning committee representing the FWSP and Wisconsin master naturalists.

"During the challenges of 2020 and 2021, everyone needs a friend", Ringdahl says with a smile. "This is one way our friends can share their passion for our Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and recreational areas."

"During the first year, the programs we presented continued to grow our viewers. We still have a few more programs to go before the end of the season." Randy Paske, outreach committee chair, says. "We constantly strive to reach our audience in new ways." (More...)