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Hero Award Nominations

Nominate Your HERO

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks are seeking nominations for the coveted year-end HERO awards! The three 2024 award categories are:
  • Outstanding DNR Land Manager
  • Outstanding Individual Friends Member
  • Outstanding Friends Group
The HERO awards are given out to recognize Individual friend members and friend groups who have been instrumental in contributing time and energy at a state park, forest, trail, or recreation area.
The DNR Land Manager Award recognizes an outstanding park, forest, trail, or recreation area manager who has done a great job with the DNR property that they manage.
We would like to hear from YOU with a nomination in any of the categories for the 2024HERO Awards! Please take the time to make your nominations today! 
Nominations are due on or before by September 8, 2024
The HERO awards will be presented to a winner for each of the HERO Award categories.
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is created to preserve, protect, promote and enhance Wisconsin’s state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas. Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting over 60 friends groups around the state.