Membership Helps Preserve, Protect, and Enhance…

Wisconsin’s state parks, forests, trails, and recreational areas!>Our organization is made up of volunteers and people like you who have a love of our state parks, forests, trails, and recreational trails and a desire to support their recreational, environmental and economic value.  As a member of our organization, you will be promoting the mission of the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks to preserve and protect our parks’ natural resources and to provide recreational opportunities for all.
FWSP is the official umbrella organization of the Friends groups for state parks, trails, forests, and recreation areas in Wisconsin.
Your membership and sponsorship will help Friends of Wisconsin State Parks to support over 80 local Friends Groups. FWSP and the local groups work on projects and events at the state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas around the state that enhance the property and provide enjoyment for the many visitors each year. You can contribute to the continuing success by being a member of FWSP and by sponsoring this work to protect our natural resources and preserve Wisconsin's unique natural treasures for future generations.

NEW!Now you can support specific events and activities of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. In addition to your membership, you can choose other ways to show your support.
  • Purchase your Wisconsin Park State Vehicle Admission Sticker through FWSP. (Link)
  • Contribute to the FWSP Endowment Fund so that this work continues for future generations.
  • Support the Naturalist Program in the parks to provide education to children. (Link)
  • Fund an Earth Day project at one of the Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, or recreation areas.(Link)
 Your membership will help to preserve, protect and enhance Wisconsin's state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas!(Click here to view and print Individual Membership brochure (PDF).